Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recap - April 9-18

Day 9 - Apr. 9
Hiked 14.5 miles to the Partnership Shelter today. Was a beautiful day for a hike. You can order pizza from the Pizza Hut in Marion if you want. I did not. I spent the night in the shelter with Leadfoot. Leadfoot is 69 years old an had 5 bypasses on his heart a few years ago. He hikes pretty good.

Day 10 - Apr. 10
Today I hiked 11.6 miles to the Relax Inn in Atkins, VA. It is 100 feet off the Trail. Leadfoot left 45 minutes before I did and I did not see him until I got to the inn. It rained lightly midday but was not bad. We meet hikers from NY that are going to Pearisburg tomorrow and hike south. Hopefully I will see them in a couple days. Blisters are almost well.

Day 11 - April 11
Went 13.9 miles to the Knot Maul Shelter and spent the night with south bound Dakota and north bound Blue and Evergreen(she). They had hiked 25 miles today. They started at Springer Mt. the first of March. They are in shape.

Day 12 - April 12
I hiked 9.1 miles today with the last 4 miles going up 1,900 feet. Chestnut Knob Shelter is on a 4,400 ft. knob and the view was fantastic. The view was 360 degrees with a beautiful green valley to the north. Had cellphone reception and was able to get in touch Betty.

Day13 - April 13
It poured in the early morning, but it had quit by the time I started walking. It was drizzly, but very little rain. It was chilly up on the ridges, but when I descended 2,000 ft to the Jenkins
it was very pleasant. I slept in my tent near the stream just passed the shelter. It was a pleasant night. Hiked 10 miles today.

Day14 - April 14
The 11.7 AT miles to Bland, VA was pretty easy as it was relatively flat. After the AT I started walking to Bland. After about a mile a gentleman pick me up and took me to the Big Walker Motel in Bland. That was really nice.

Day 15 - April 15
Betty, Lucy and Ben came to see me in Bland today. I took a down day and we went all out and went to Cracker Barrel in Wytheville for lunch. After that we did laundry and I resupplied on food. I sent my mail forward box home with Betty. I have most of the things that I need now. It was really good to see all of them.

Day 16 - April 16
I hiked 3 miles from Bland to the AT and then hiked 12.1 miles to the Jenny Knob Shelter. Weather was great, sunny with a high of about 65 degrees. Warm weather is bringing out the reptiles. Saw a black snake, garter snake and a lizard.

Day 17 - April 17
I hiked 18.8 miles today to a road 3.8 miles short of the Doc's Knob Shelter. I was tired, but otherwise felt good. Saw a turkey fly up behind me. I think 18.8 miles is the most I have ever walked in one day.

Day 18 - April 18
Total hiking today was 13 miles. Twelve miles on the AT, and 1 mile into Pearisburg, VA to the Holiday Motor Lodge. Since I have arrived, I have done laundry, updated my blog, and called Betty and Mom Dad. One highlight was the Chinese buffet for dinner. Terrain was rougher and more up and down today. Glad it was only 13 miles.

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