Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 16 - Jenny Knob

I spoke to Larry last night. I'll paraphrase:

"I hiked 15 miles today, 3 from the motel in Bland, VA to the trail and then 12 miles on the trail to Jenny Knob shelter. I spent yesterday in Bland with Betty and the dogs. My legs are no longer sore and a my blisters have healed. I'm still wearing duct tape over the blisters but I hope to take that off in a couple of days. My stamina is increasing but the folks who have been hiking since Springer can still hike many more miles in a day than I can.

Regarding equipment...I spent some time in Bland waterproofing some of my equipment that had developed leaks. I've also been a bit warm in my 15 degree sleeping bag but it was nice last week when the snow storm came through.

It has been very nice being in front of the massive crowd of people that started in Springer about the same I started in Damascus. I don't have to fight for spots in the shelters but there are still 3 or 4 other hikers to chat with most nights"

The distance on the Appalachian Trail between Jenny Knob Shelter and Katahdin, ME is 1583.2 miles. The distance to go is 2046.2 miles. Keep at it Larry!

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