Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 8 - Troutdale, VA

Weather is considerably better today. We had sun all day and the temperature reached the mid 40's. Most of the snow melted here in Troutdale. They got 6 to 8 inches at the higher altitudes so it may take a couple more days for it to melt up there. Hiker CaveMan took a down day today and we both plan to leave around 8 am in the morning. Weather later this week is suppose to be much warmer with showers. My blisters are about healed so I am ready to hit the trail again. My heels are being protected by moleskin covered with duct tape. Believe it or not it works pretty well. Signing off for dinner. Should be back to a computer in about a week. I think that after 2 to 3 days of hiking I will be back in cell phone range and hopefully Daniel and Alli can update the blog. Have a good week. Cookymann

Journal Entry Day 8: Today was a much better day. It was sunny all day and warmed up to near 50 deg. Almost all the snow is melted here in Troutdale. They had 6-8 " at the higher levels so it may take another day or two for it to melt. This afternoon I loaded my pack for tomorrow's hike and mailed my box to Bland, VA. I should be there in 6 to 7 days. If all works well, Betty will meet me there. My blisters are healing well with the aid of moleskin covered by duct tape. This combination actually works pretty well. Talked to Betty and she said that Randy Allen had heart surgery. He is out of intensive care now and we wish him well. I leave in the morning. Time to go.

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