Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3 - Thomas Knob Shelter

Dad called LJ this evening from Thomas Knob Shelter. Apparently he got a good rain challenge overnight, and his tent passed. I've been using this handy distance calculator to see how far he has left to go...

The distance on the Appalachian Trail between
Thomas Knob Shelter, VA and
Baxter Peak-Katahdin, ME is
1,687.3 miles.

Go Dad Go!

Journal Entry Day 2: 8.0 miles today. Tonight I am camping where the AT crosses VA Hwy 601. Low this morning was 50 deg. High in the low 60's. Light rain since I reached the campsite. I am a bit sore, but not bad. Suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow, so I will get to practice my wet weather procedures. My attitude is mostly dependent on if I am going uphill or downhill. No rain is better than rain. Last night I overnighted with a couple that were 57 & 60. They started mid Feb. at Springer Mt. When I asked how they handled the cold they said it was no problem as they were from Alaska.

Journal Entry Day 3: Hiked 9.8 miles to Thomas Knob Shelter today. Last night I had heavy rain and very gusty winds. Tent passed the rain and wind test well. It was warm last night but not today. When I arrived it was 35 deg. with very gusty winds. Probably 30-40 mph. Called Lawrence and he said it was a very pleasant 60 deg. and sunny in Raleigh. He gave me a hard about killing myself on the mountain. Of course he had been skydiving all day. Physically I feel well. My pace seems to be matching my level of conditioning. Time to check out for the night.

Day 3:

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