Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 15 - Bland, VA

Dad had a down day in Bland today. Mom met up with him there and took the dogs, all a welcome sight I'm sure.

The distance on the Appalachian Trail between
US21 and 52-Bland, VA and
Baxter Peak-Katahdin, ME is
1,595.3 miles.


  1. Larry is doing so great. You guys should put up a ticker that counts down the miles as he goes up at the top of the blog. That way we can see how far left he has to go!

  2. Good idea. I'll try to put something up this weekend that shows:

    - number of days on the trail
    - total miles hiked
    - average miles hiked per day
    - max miles hiked in a day
    - miles to go