Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 20 - April 20

Privy at Pine Swamp Branch Shelter - Fireplace at Shelter - Pine Swamp Branch Shelter

Day 20 Journal Entry: It poured down last night at the Rice Field Shelter, but Pen J and I were in the shelter so we slept well. The rain stopped about daybreak, so we were able to get up and go. Pen J left about 45 min. before I did. For the first couple hours it was foggy, but then we had broken clouds most of the day. I hiked the 12.5 mi. to the Pine Swamp Branch Shelter in about 5 & 1/2 hrs. I should have slowed my pace. When I got to the shelter it took me way to long to recover. I need to slow my pace, take more breaks and eat more enroute. When I got to the shelter Pen J was there, but after 20 minutes he headed to the next shelter. It is 8:30 with no other hikers so it looks like I will have the whole place to myself. I have cell phone reception so I got to talk to Betty. Good Night, John Boy

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